Beautiful and Easy-to-Create Turtle Handprint Card for Father’s Day

Have you been thinking what your kids should gift to their dad so that he feels happy as well as surprised? If yes, we tell you how your kids can make an extremely cute and easy car for Father’s Day. Well, now let us talk to the kids directly! Father’s Day is a good opportunity for delighting your dads! Dad, who keeps on running between office and home just to keep things alright in each family member’s life, gets hardly any time for himself. So what the kids can do is to surprise him with an extremely beautiful gift on the Father’s Day.

Now this being said, what can be that gift? Well, be it mom or dad, they love receiving something that has been created originally by the kids. Thus, the best idea is to gift him a cute card. In this article, we let you know how you can make a wonderful turtle handprint Father’s day Card. You can take help from your mom also to do the cutting part in the card. The card is easy to be made by the kids and can be created in only 15 minutes’ time. Also, you do not need anything extraordinary for making this card. You just need a collection of basic craft items that are found easily in everyone’s home. Check the list of required things below and get ready to make the card.

What All You Need for the Turtle Father’s Day Card?

You need the following items: 

  • Cardstock Paper
  • Green or colourful Pom Poms 
  • Stickers of wiggle eye 
  • A pair of scissors
  • Good quality glue 
  • And a black marker

Fold the card paper into half. Take the handprint of your kid. Now, cut out carefully the handprint of your kid by keeping the top section of it together (just like a card). It’s now time to add pompoms on the card. Paste the pompoms on shell section. Cut out the shape of a turtle’s head and paste it at the back side of the card. Use the black marker to draw the feet and mouth of the turtle. Next, you have to paste the wiggle eye stickers. When this is done, your card is ready for noting down a cute, lovable message for your father. Write down a not for your dad. And your card is ready.

Delight your father with this cute card! It will make your dad very happy!