9 Creative Ways to Repurpose & Reuse Old Stuff

The old, unwanted stuff can be reused in many innovative and useful ways that will delight you in every possible way. Just take a look at some of the most brilliant ideas and try these DIY tips to make your home look more beautiful and appealing.

Turn Old Ladder Into Bookshelf

Place old ladder in a horizontal manner on the wall and start using it as a spacious book shelf.

Turn Old Suitcase Into a Chair

Open up an old suitcase and place it upon four legs of old chair. Put a soft seat into the suitcase covering the sitting area as well as the back support and your comfy chair is ready.


Use Old Chairs as Closets and Cabinets

Fix old folding chairs on wall and start using them as closets where you can keep things and put hangers on the rods underneath the chairs.


Turn Old Rackets Into Mirrors

Fix perfectly fitting mirrors into the old rackets and get vintage style mirrors for your room.


Use Plastic Spoons as Lamp

Cut the tail portion of old plastic spoons and use the remaining parts to make a beautiful lamp. You will also need a wide plastic bottle for the same.


Use Bathtub as Couch

Make a beautiful couch using your old bathtub. Simply clean it and put the mattress or seat of appropriate size to get a cute looking couch.


Turn Toilet Paper Rolls Into Organizer Box

Collect small toilet paper rolls and fix them all in a nice pattern upon the wall. Keep things in them as required.


Use Bottle Caps as Tea lights

Put wax and wicks in the bottle caps. If you wish, you can also paint these bottle caps into nice alluring colors. Use these caps as tea lights.


Use Old Piano as a Fountain

Put your old piano in the garden area and use it as a beautiful and attractive fountain.

Twisted Sifter

The above ideas are extremely easy to try and can enhance the beauty of your home!