10 Amazing Paper Towel Rolls Craft Ideas for Kids

by Shokhi Agarwal
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You must have never imagined the beauty and creativity that is hidden in the paper towel rolls! Well, we are talking about the craft ideas that can originate using these simple looking paper towel rolls. These vacations, if you do not have any specific plans for you kids, don’t let your kids’ vacation go waste. Instead, utilize the vacation time to make some interesting crafts and that too with the readily available item in the home –the paper towel rolls! Let us tell you how to do the same.

Japanese Flying Fish

Easy to make and highly appealing kids, these fish are easy to make.


Mermaid & Hula Girl

You can make hula girl, mermaid and various other figures using a bit of cutting, shaping and pasting.

Cute Octopus

Give a shape of octopus to the rolls and get ready to see a smile on the face of your kid.


Turn the paper towel rolls into beautiful flowers. Paint them in your favourite color and notice how your kids take care of the flowers. 

Cute Rockets

Little boys are going to love these cute looking rockets that are made with the help of cardboard and paper towel rolls. Use your imagination and make more additions, if required.

Shark Binoculars

Why not surprise the little ones with this amazing pair of binoculars that has been made by mommy! Well these binoculars will not only look good but will help your kid to spend an interesting time with his/her friends.

Dragon Blowing Fire

Make a dragon out of the rolls. When you blow air, the paper ribbons will fly giving an effect of fire.

Little Owls

These owls are very easy to make and can be created in just a few minutes. Place them on the study table of your kids or simply let the kids play with them.

Toy Tea Cups

Make a beautiful toy cup set for your little princess. She will love them and will invite her friends for a tea party!

Toy Cars

If your kids love playing with cars, this can be a perfect idea for them! You can use tiny cars out of the paper towel rolls. Paint them in different colors and add wheels too, using the cardboard. You can also draw a door and windows. 

Use the above ideas and have a great time with your family and kids

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