How to Make an Awesome Website on WordPress

by Pushkar Kohli
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WordPress (WP) is one of the most used, most preferred, easy and SEO-friendly CMSs when it comes to creating a website. In fact, most of the blogs that you see over the internet are created using WordPress platform.

Just to let you know, this particular blog, i.e.,, is also made on WordPress! Here we’d let you know the important elements in a WordPress website, how to make one and what are the benefits and downsides of a website made using WordPress CMS. We’d also cover a little about security of a website in WP.

Major Elements of a WordPress Website

Just like a website made on any other platform, a WordPress website too has a few major elements, and these are almost the same for all the websites – whether made in PHP, Joomla, Magento, Laravel or any other platform.

The back-end platform of a WordPress website is already created and can be accessed by

The major difference lies in the fact that one doesn’t need to have any knowledge of coding, programming or web development when making a website using WordPress. The need for coder/programmer and front-end web designer/developer becomes totally negligible in WordPress. You may sometimes; however, need a graphic designer, depending upon the requirement of graphics in the website. In all other cases, if you are a little creative on your own, you can always take help of Canva to create decent graphics.

Now, let us go through the important elements that one MUST have in order to have a WordPress website. We are also going to touch upon the alternatives wherever possible along with their pros and cons.

Domain Name

Domain name is the address of the website over World Wide Web.

Just like domain name of this blog is, one must have a domain name of their website. This is the first and the foremost requirement and cannot be done away with. However, there are providers that offer free domain names with their own extensions, but we do not recommended using them.

We recommend buying a custom domain name for your website, preferably with .com extension. The next beset extensions are .net and .org.

There are hundreds of places where you can buy a domain name for your website; some of the most renowned are GoDaddy, NameCheap, BigRock, HostGator, etc.

A lot of companies even offer free domain name for one year if you purchase hosting from them. A standard domain name (TLD) may cost anywhere around $15 including taxes. Premium domain names have much higher value depending upon many factors. Now let us tell you what hosting is!


Hosting can be considered as a base or a place for your website where all the elements will be present. A website cannot exist without hosting. Again, as mentioned above, there are companies that provide free hosting services, but with their own branding. Moreover, free hosting may not be reliable.

The companies that provide domain name also provide hosting. It is suggested to compare the features and buy according to your requirement. For example, if you are a beginner and wish to start with only one website initially, opt for a single-website WordPress hosting package. Please note that the prices may vary from provider to provider.

A good hosting service provides nearly 100% uptime along with more space and features. Suggestion is to compare and buy!


The theme is yet another important element of a website. It is the outlook of your website – the way it looks and navigates.

There are thousands of free and premium WordPress themes available over the internet. A decent premium theme may cost anywhere around $50. A free theme, on the other hand, lacks many features.

You can always use a free theme when beginning with a new blog/website. In fact, WordPress provides you some beautiful pre-installed latest themes to use!


A website is nothing without compelling content. Needless to say, content is something that you read on a website that is considered by the search engines.

You can either hire a professional content writer to write articles for your blog or you can write them on your own. While you may be good at writing and write amazing articles, a professional will write articles that are given weightage by the search engines. An SEO-friendly article has much more likelihood of appearing higher in a search engine than a casually-written blog-post.

In a way, if you are not depending upon search engine and would like to save on some expenses, you can always write the articles on your own.

How to Make a Website on WordPress

It’s not a rocket science and you DO NOT need to be an expert at anything. All you need to know is to read some basic instructions and perform some basic actions in a right way!

Step 1 – Buy Domain Name

You must have a few domain names shortlisted before buying one, because there is a higher likelihood of it not being available. Try a few combinations and buy from any of the renowned providers (mentioned above). The prices may vary a bit.

Step 2 – Buy Hosting

The same companies also provide hosting. See if you can get the domain name free with hosting. Compare 2-3 renowned providers and buy based on above suggestions.

Step 3 – Connect Hosting & Domain Name

This may sound too technical, but it isn’t. It’s a 5-minute process and can be done by the provider upon request.

Just request the company representative over chat to connect your domain name and hosting, and also perform step 4!

Step 4 – Install WordPress

You’ll need to install WordPress on the hosting once step 3 is done. It is suggested you request the tech support to perform this step for you to avoid any confusion.

In any case, there are hundreds of videos available over the internet explaining all the aforementioned steps. Complete end-to-end guides/documents are also available on websites of companies you choose for buying domain name and hosting.

So, you don’t need to worry about anything! Just go for it. Thumbs up!

Step 5 – Set Up the Website

Your website is nearly ready; all you need to do is set it up. This may include installing free theme, creating pages, categories and other smaller things.

As said, there are hundreds of videos available to help you with the setup process!

Once you are done with the setup, start writing the articles/blog-posts!

Benefits of Having a WordPress Website

There are number of benefits of creating a website using WordPress. Here are the top ones!

Easy to Create

Yes, it’s absolutely easy and can be done by any literate person. It is 100% true that you don’t need to have knowledge of coding to create and set up a WP website. It’s hassle-free!


Search engines love WordPress, and this is the reason most of the blogs are created in WP. These websites are structured in a way to make it easy for search engine robots to crawl over the content, thereby making it search engine friendly!

Power of Plug-ins

WP gives you the power to install different plug-ins to increase its functionality. Whether you wish to optimize the content for search engine, add a form to the Contact Page or add an advertisement code in middle of every post, plug-ins are a great tool.

In fact, plug-ins increase the power of a WordPress website to a level that it gets at par with a website created on any other platform!

Diverse Utility

Whether you are looking to create a personal blog or a business website, WordPress allows it all.

All you need to do is choose the right theme, fill in perfect & engaging content and you are good to go! There is no limit to the type of website you can create using WP!


It’s a great feature that most of the WP themes are mobile-friendly, i.e., you do not need to optimize the content, graphics and other things for mobile especially.

This means that your WordPress website looks equally great on a PC and a mobile phone/tablet.

How Secure is a WordPress Website?

Security of a WordPress website depends greatly on the hosting provider; and this is the reason we always recommend choosing a renowned hosting provider and plan.

Providers like BlueHost and Hostgator have a very bad image when it comes to security. More reliable names in this matter are NameCheap, GoDaddy, BigRock, etc.

SSL Certificate

In case you wish to instil more confidence in the visitors of your website, we recommend getting an SSL certificate. An SSL certificate is inexpensive and brings confidence in visitors that the website is safe to browse and do any transactions!

Just to let you know, there are many companies, like NameCheap, that offer free SSL for one year if you buy domain name from them!

Limitations of WordPress

Though the limitations are very few in number, we really don’t think them as limitations, as a WP website is entirely capable to fulfil all your requirements of creating, owning and managing an awesome website!

Functionality Limited by Theme & Plug-ins

There are times that some of the webmasters feel that themes limit the functionality of a website, because one is generally not able to add any extra functionality in the website without a plug-in. On the other hand, adding too many plug-ins at times may lead to slow loading time, which again hampers the performance of the website.

So, what are you waiting for? Now that you know how to create a website using WordPress, go make an awesome one!

Keep crafting!

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