How to Make a Stunning Website on Wix

by Pushkar Kohli
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Wish to have a website that looks absolutely stunning? Wix is one of the options you can go for! Here’s why a Wix website can be considered.

Wix can be a next go-to platform when creating absolutely beautiful websites for your own use or for clients. The first choice is WordPress, and here’s how you can make a website using WordPress.

Well, we are not comparing both, but they do have their own sets of pros and cons, which we’ll discus during the course of this article. Nevertheless, one thing is for sure that Wix is a great drag-and-drop platform to create beautiful websites. Let us tell you a bit more about the elements, benefits and downsides of Wix!

Do Not Underestimate the Power of Wix

Wix is absolutely easy to start with. You don’t need to be a programmer or a coder to get started with a Wix website. In fact, as said above, it can very well be one of the preferred platforms, along with WordPress, when it comes to making websites. It is easy, feature-filled and has almost everything to offer that a webmaster may need.

Wix may not be preferred by a whole big bunch of webmasters, but it is surely worth trying because of the sheer easiness. If you are newbie without any knowledge of coding and wish to start a website on a very small budget, Wix is the way to go!

Elements of a Wix Website

Just like any other website, Wix too has almost similar elements – like hosting, themes (known as templates in Wix) and content. As said, it is very easy to start with.

If you have content ready, you can have a full-fledged website up and running within 5 minutes using Wix! Yes – this is how powerful it is.

You can get assistance with content and setting up your Wix website here!

Benefits of Having a Wix Website

Well, there are many benefits of creating a website using Wix platform, and this is the reason it is considered the next-best option to WordPress. Below are some of the top benefits we could ascertain of going with this easy platform.

No Knowledge of Coding Required

Yes, you DO NOT need any knowledge of coding whatsoever in order to create a website using Wix. It is, in fact, one of the easiest platforms you can have for website creation – so easy that you can have a website ready in just 5 minutes if you have the content ready!

Just like WordPress, Wix is also pre-coded and is more like a drag-and-drop-feature platform that helps make beautiful websites within a matter of minutes.

Extremely Affordable

Wix is very affordable when it comes to comparison with WordPress or any other framework. The basic plan starts at around $29 per year and goes up with adding features.

The best part about Wix is that it offers hosting, secure SSL and domain name in the aforementioned price! Yes!

So, here you do not need to be worried about buying hosting, domain name and SSL separately and then connecting them with each other. Wix is totally hassle-free and every website that you make using Wix’s Premium Plans has hosting, domain name and SSL certificate for one full year!


Wix is filled with features. You can create new pages within a matter of seconds. Now whether you are looking to modify the present pages, add forms, add gallery to certain pages, give rights to website, transfer the ownership or do anything else – it can all be done in a matter of minutes!

Wix offers huge range of features that are easy to understand and use. The backend interface is easy to understand and intuitive too!

Hundreds of Templates

One of the best features of Wix is the templates! Wix offers hundreds of beautiful and stunning templates with its Premium Plans. The huge range of templates is more than enough to get your favourite one depending upon your need or business.

The templates are categorized perfectly and are easy to browse through and select.

Pixel-Perfect Gridlines for Guidance

As it has a drag-and-drop interface when creating elements for different pages, the gridlines prove to be of great help! The gridlines help the webmaster align content at the right place and even create boxes with similar dimensions. It’s a great feature that enables the creator to maneuver things easily.

Mobile Device Optimization

This is one of the best (and also a downside for some) features in a Wix website. Wix allows you to manually optimize the content size for mobile devices. While it is a great feature, it cannot be switched to automatic and has to be done for every piece of content on every page of the website.

Downsides of Wix Website

All the coins have two sides. While we have already pointed out some benefits of Wix websites, here are a few downsides you must know!

Slightly Tougher to Manage

Well, in short, you need some dexterity when managing content over Wix websites.

Creating pages and placing content is very easy, but when it comes to managing content to make it look homogeneous, especially content in blocks, it may be a tough deal.

Furthermore, as most of the webmasters prefer using Wix Templates, the amount of content you can use in those templates is very limited. This means that adding additional content other than the dummy may mak the entire website haywire. So, in a way, you can use only limited content when using Wix Templates!

Requires Good Internet Speed to Load Backend

Wix’s backend is heavy and requires good internet speed to load completely. You cannot afford to work on Wix using a weak internet connection, for it may take a lot of time to load and open fully.

Requires Manual Mobile Device Optimization

As discussed above, having an option of optimizing the content manually may be a great option, but can become a time-consuming process if one has to do it on all the pages for every piece of content. On the contrary, WordPress offers automatic mobile device optimization for content and therefore makes it very easy to work with.

Pay Per Website

Wix offers plans for individual websites only! As there is no process of buying and setting up hosting in Wix, you’ll need to pay per website. Unlike WordPress, you cannot host multiple websites on a single plan using Wix.

Nevertheless, you can always have different plans for different websites.

Can’t Change Template Once Finalized

Though this point is slightly controversial, we have faced this issue quite often. It is, however, believed that Wix allows the webmaster to change the template at any stage of the website, we could make it happen.

So, once you have finalized the template of a website, you may not be able to change it in Wix.

If you are a beginner, low on budget, do not have any knowledge of how to make a website, but still wish to own an amazing portal, we suggest you to go with Wix. It won’t let you down!

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