How to Make Perfect Lemon Water, and Top 5 Benefits of it!

by Pushkar Kohli
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Lemon water is a part of daily lives of many of us; we have it ourselves and even serve it to the guests; in fact, it is one of the preferred choices in restaurants too when wish to keep things light.

Of course, lemon water has become a very common household beverage because of many reasons – primarily because of the health benefits it offers. So, once we are done listing the top 5 benefits of lemon water to you, we’ll share a recipe to make your lime water much more tastier and refreshing! Here we go!

Top 5 Benefits of Lemon Water

We totally understand that lemon water has numerous health benefits, but we are going to list here the top 5!

1. Great Source of Vitamin C

We all know that lemon is a citric fruit and is rich in vitamin C. It is well known to boost immunity and also reduce risk of diseases like stroke and low blood pressure. It is also one of the sources of antioxidants!

2. Aids Weight Loss

If you are someone who is trying to lose weight, but haven’t had much success, take help of lemon water. Yes! Lemon juice when mixed in lukewarm water combined with appropriate quantity of honey helps in weight loss efforts.

However, one must limit the use of this weight loss concoction as excess of it may lead to problems with bones and may cause diseases like osteoporosis, etc.

3. Improves Digestion

Early morning consumption of lemon juice in lukewarm water helps digestion and is used as a laxative by many. Regular and intermittent consumption helps move the bowels and eliminates chances of constipation. All in all, a healthy gut promotes overall health and thus lemon water can be said to be beneficial for good overall physical being.

4. Reduces Chances of Kidney Stones

The citric acid in lemon water reduces chances of formation of kidney stones. Regular consumption can even help dissolve smaller kidney stones and also flush them out of the system.

Nevertheless, patients with kidney stones should take advice from their physician first rather than than straightaway going on to believe this household remedy.

5. Promotes Hydration and Helps Improve Skin Quality

Well, vitamin C certain plays a great role in tightening the skin and improving its tone, the accompanying water helps improve the overall skin quality and also keeps the person hydrated.

This is the reason one is advised to consume a glassful of lemon water along with a pinch of salt when back home after being in sun for a while, for the lemon water hydrates the body much more effectively than plain water.

How to Make a Glass of Perfect Lemon Water!

Now the first thing that matters here is your goal. What for are you consuming the lemon water? Is it to expedite your weight loss efforts or to hydrate yourself regularly.

One thing is for sure – you got to consume lemon water on a regular basis to see its long-term benefits. Other points to keep in mind for tasty, healthy and most effective lemon water are:

  • Prefer organic and fresh lemons
  • Prefer filtered water

To make lemon water in perfect proportion, squeeze half a lemon into 8 ounces of warm or cold water. You may add a few springs of mint along with a slice of fresh ginger to make it tastier and boost its efficacy. You may even add slices of fresh citrus fruits like limes and oranges, or even cucumber.

Enjoy your fresh, tasty and healthy lemon water!

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