10 Super Easy & Smart DIY Project Ideas

Making beautiful crafts is not rocket science! Moreover, you do not need extensive experience for the same. Only if you have the zeal to make a creative DIY project and you are looking for some simple yet smart ideas, we are here to help you out. Just spending a few minutes on the making of these projects will help you create beautiful craft items. Take a look at our 12 impressive and super easy DIY projects.

1. Heart-Shaped Ring

Take a wire and twist it into the shape of a heart with the help of pliers. If you wish, you can also paste a tiny stone upon it.


2. Paint Your Keys

Paint your keys in different colors with the help of various shades of nail paints. It will also help you identify specific keys in no time!


3. Straightener Holder

You can now pack even the hot straightener when you have this DIY straightener holder. All you need to do is to sew down a potholder into half.


4. DIY Acrylic Paint Spray

Mix two parts of acrylic paint and one part of water in a fingertip spray bottle and use whenever required!


5. Ladder & Wooden Planks Bookshelf

Take two ladders and 3-4 wooden planks. Simply place the planks in the ladder sections to get an amazingly useful book shelf. Paint in attractive colors.


6. Wooden Pallets Couch

Take few wooden pallets and arrange them one over the other. Put couch seats of suitable size to get a beautiful couch.

Pallet Projects

7. Necklace Holder

Fix some old furniture knobs into a wooden plank and use the knobs as necklace holders.


8. Paint Cans Shoe Rack

Just place and fix the paint cans on a wall in your desired pattern and your shoe rack is ready!


9. Body Pillow

Take five pillow covers and sew together to get a comfy body pillow.


10. Instant Pillow Cover

Place a pillow on a fabric. Fold the fabric on pillow like a gift and tie a knot!


The above ideas are super easy and anyone can try it! So why not try today?