How to Make an Attractive DIY Scrapbook

by Pushkar Kohli
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Scrapbooks are fun to make. Not only these books hone your creativity, but also create a memorabilia that you’d cherish for life.

Scrapbooks are easy to create, attractive and can be made in variety of designs for almost anything and everything. Basically, a scrapbook is an album into which clippings, notes or pictures can be pasted. You can make a scrapbook for your trip to certain place, your childhood memories, a particular occasion, your children’s milestones and almost anything.

Here’s a step-by-step approach to how you can make an attractive scrapbook on your own.

Design Scrapbook

Design is one of the major parts of the scrapbook. It has to have a good, holistic design altogether. Of course, the design of the scrapbook will decide how attractive it is and how long it may be able to survive.

Let us discuss the other aspects that contribute towards the design of your scrapbook.

Pick Theme and Materials

Theme of the scrapbook is its purpose. No fun making one if it doesn’t have any theme. As mentioned above, theme of the scrapbook can vary upon your interests and the event you wish to showcase. It can be a particular occasion or something you wish to compile because of a reason.

The theme of the scrapbook will decide the materials that will be used in the album. Pick the materials according to the theme.

All in all, the materials should match the theme of the scrapbook.

Shortlist the Stories and Events to Include in the Scrapbook

Now that you’ve shortlisted the theme, it’s time to decide the stories and events you wish to include in the album.

Relevancy of the events and stories should be considered at this stage, so that no particular event stands irrelevant to the theme of the album.

Select Photos and Memorabilia for the Album

Once the stories and events to be included in the scrapbook have been shortlisted, it is time to select the photos and memorabilia you want to showcase.

Select the best photos and memorabilia and take care of the sequence of events.

Remember, you are preparing a beautiful story that you are going to tell through the scrapbook – make sure it is perfect in all senses.

Select Paper, Decorative Material and Tools for the Scrapbook

Shortlisting paper quality and decorative material can be quite a task, but shouldn’t be a showstopper.

Make sure the paper is thick enough to support the decorative materials and the photos. The tools and decorative materials you use should be light and high quality.

Pick the Album

You may come across hundreds of designs, but you got to zero down on the album that suits your theme the best. You will need to consider the shape, size, paper quality, and even colours of the album.

Make sure you pick the right album for your scrapbook.

Create Scrapbook Pages

Creating pages in the scrapbook is going to be a daunting task as you’ll need to focus on each page individually while keeping the size of the photos and memorabilia in mind. Here are some tips and suggestions.

Design Page Layouts

Zero down on a page layout that you find to be most appropriate according to the theme of the scrapbook. You may need to experiment with the position of the photos, memorabilia, headings, captions, and embellishments at this stage. Consider all dimensions and design the layout accordingly.

Place Pictures, Memorabilia and Embellishments on the Page

It’s time to give shape to the scrapbook, but a rehearsal is a must.

Place the pictures, memorabilia and all the decorative material on the page to make sure the final look of the page comes out satisfactory.

Remember, you may need to do this for every page.

Crop and Glue Photos and Memorabilia

Once you are sure of the placement of photos, memorabilia and embellishments, go ahead and glue the things. You may need to crop down a few photos in the process; don’t hesitate to make things perfect.

Add Titles

This is a very important part in a scrapbook. No one would not the event shown in the scrapbook without a title. Therefore, add appropriate titles to all the pages to make sure the events are understood perfectly by the onlooker.

Label Photos and Memorabilia

Just as the titles, it is also very important to label the photos and memorabilia.

Labelling the photos and memorabilia will make it easier for the onlookers to understand the events and sequence.

Decorate the Pages

Decoration matters a lot. Make sure you don’t overdo it. Use all the embellishments wisely and appropriately. Do not overcrowd the pages with decorative material.

Tips to Store the Scrapbook

Storing your scrapbook is as important as making it right. Here are a couple of tips to increase the life of your album.

Insert Each Page into a Protector

As there would be adhesives and decorative materials used on every page of the album, there is huge likelihood that they might stick to each other over a period of time. If they do, damage is obvious. Therefore, it is suggested to insert each page into a protector to ensure every page stays separate and doesn’t stick to each other.

Store Scrapbook in a Dry Environment

It is very important to keep the scrapbook in a dry environment. Dampness, if any, will affect the quality of the pages and may even develop mould in between the pages and other crevices.

It is, therefore, suggested to keep the scrapbook in a dry and airy place to elongate its life.

So, hope you are ready to make your own scrapbook now! Go for it.

Keep crafting!

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