How to Make a Quiet Book and What are the Benefits!

by Pushkar Kohli
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Quiet books have been in trend for quite some time now, and have been a go-to solution for moms who want their kids to keep busy and stay put at one place. Quiet books can be said as one of the best learning toy for a child. In addition to creating one for your own kid, it also acts as a great gift for someone looking to keep their kid(s) occupied. But before we move forward, we got to know what a quiet book exactly is?

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What is a Quiet Book?

A quiet book is generally described as an interactive and customizable multiple-page scrapbook made out of felt or fabric. The pages of a quiet books are primarily created to teach basic and day-to-day activities to toddlers. These activities, in addition to helping the kids develop their mental ability, keep them busy and occupied. Quiet books, we believe, have been named so purposely, for these keep the toddlers occupied and “quiet”.

Benefits of Quiet Books

There are numerous benefits of quiet books, and we’ll be able to list some of the top ones here. Here we go!

Easy to Create

Quiet books are very easy to create. All you need is colorful felt sheets, a pair of scissors, glue and may be a few threads. All this is enough to create a simple, but engaging quiet book. Of course, you can up the level by adding various other things!


As said, a nice and engaging quiet book can be created using simple materials. One can easily get these objects in one’s home or can buy from market at a very cheap price. All in all, quiet books are quite affordable to create.


Nothing beats a quiet book when it comes to teaching your toddler a dedicated activity. Whether it’s making your toddler learn to tie a braid or shoe lace or helping them understand shapes and colors, quiet books are phenomenal.


One of the major and most important benefits of quiet books is that it is completely harmless. It absolutely doesn’t have anything that can harm your toddler unlike other educational toys available in the market.

Helps Mental Development

Quiet books have been proven to help mental development and improve sensory function in children. These books help children develop attention towards learning activities and also develop greater hand-eye coordination. Of course, they get to learn variety of day-to-day activities.

Sigh of Relief for Mommies

Believe it or not, quiet books are preferred travel partners of most of the mommies when it comes to keeping their children engaged. Keeping the children at one place and learn a dedicated useful activity at the same time – what else can a mommy ask for?

Well, the benefits are numerous and not all can be discussed here, but can surely be realized when you either create or buy your toddler a quiet book. Now let’s learn how to create one for your kiddo. While you can always buy absolutely fantastic and affordable quiet books online, you can also create some basic ones at home using the material available. Here are some basic steps to make a decent and engaging quiet book.

How to Make an Engaging Quiet Book?

There are a lots of ideas available online, but it entirely depends on how the creator wants to make it. It also depends upon the activity that needs to be taught to the toddler.

It is highly recommended to create a set of quiet books teaching various day-to-day activities – like counting, tying knots, making a braid, buttoning/unbuttoning shirt, identifying colors, matching the body parts, matching voices of animals, dressing up a doll, so on and so forth – the list is endless.

A simpler and easier method is to take inspiration from the internet and create an engaging quiet book depending upon the interests of your toddler. Interests may vary according to the gender, habits and many other factors. Therefore, moms are the best person to decide as to what should be the ultimate goal of a quiet book.

Just gather the aforementioned material and start making a personalized quiet book for your kiddo while taking inspiration from the internet. There are numerous tutorials available online. We recommend you to use felt sheets of different colors to make the book more eye-catchy and engaging.

Personal Touch

Creating a quiet book for your toddler on your own will add a personal touch to the book and will also make you fall in love with the activity. Beware, it is very addictive!

You can even write the name of your toddler to give a more personalized feeling.

Another great idea is to gift a quiet book to someone you know. Gifting a customized and engaging quiet book will make your friend go gaga.

So, keep crafting and take care!

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