7 Attractive DIY Phone Case Ideas You’ll Surely Love

by Pushkar Kohli
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Your phone case is one of the major accessories now, as not only it protects from phone from physical damages, it also gives it a different outlook. This is the reason phone case industry is an altogether different and big industry now.

It is estimated that more than 95% smartphone users also use one or the other kind of a phone case – whether to protect the device or to give it an upbeat or different look!

Well, you can see that thousands of different phone cases are available today for your phone type – ranging from low-end to high-end, customizable, added with utility tools, etc., but all are quite expensive. Today, we help you get your phone a peppy look by working a little with its phone case. Yes! We are talking about DIY phone cases. The following ideas have been taken from The Spruce Crafts. So, come, let’s dive into it!

1. Marble-ize a Clear Case

Yes, you can marbleize your smartphone’s clear case, just like you marbleize your nails! It can be done very easily and without making any mess.

All you need to do is drop a few shades of nail polish into a bowl of water and swirl it. When you find the right shade, just dip the case into that water! You’ll see that the smartphone clear case has become altogether different, trendy and peppy without spending any money.

Just let it dry, put the phone back in the clear case, and start showing off!

2. Cross-Stitch

This one is our favorite! However, to get this kind of a DIY phone case, you’ll need to have a phone case as shown in the photo below. You can always purchase a cheap one. The cross-stitch DIY not only will give your phone case an upbeat look, but will also show your art and creativity. You are free to do anything using cross-stitch DIY technique – make patterns, write your name or customize it the way you wish to! There’s no end to it.

3. Use Washi Tape

Geometric designs are eye-catching, and this is what we are going to do next with our DIY phone case. We are going to use a Washi tape in this, but you can use any kind of tape, ranging from a simple colored tape to sparkle tape or any other. This is one of the most inexpensive ways to transform your smartphone case. You can use multi-colored tapes too! Just take inspiration from the internet or use your own creativity. Just make sure your designs are attractive and clean.

4. Get Hep with Bohemian Tapestry

How about sticking some Bohemian tapestry to the back of your smartphone case? It will make the phone look beautiful and provide extra cushion both to the phone and the one who holds it.

Choose your own pattern, cut out accordingly and paste it at the back of the phone cover using some glue! Done!

Be prepared for eyes and questions that people are going to have on your phone!

5. Glitter-ize it

Glitter patterns, as shown in the photo, will look particularly beautiful with rose gold colored phones; however, the patterns can be customized with any colored – one just needs to be creative.

Use glitter over geometrical patterns, and you’ll be good to go!

6. Use Paint Chips

Another great option for a DIY phone case is to pick up some paint swatches. All you need to do is create a template and cut the swatch to size. Of course, we know you won’t forget to cut out a hole for the camera! Next, place in a transparent phone case and you are good to go! Your new DIY smartphone case is ready to use and show off!

7. Put Watercolors to Use

This particular DIY method is for artists and crafters. You can use either watercolors or even markers on a piece of medium weight white paper. Just let your brush flow until you feel satisfied. Create your own patterns!

Revamping your old, boring phone case can be quite and interesting task. We hope you liked our DIY phone case ideas and would surely create your own for your beloved phone!

Keep crafting!

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