12 Easy & Attractive DIY Paper Mache Projects (For Both Parents and Kids)

by Shokhi Agarwal
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Paper Mache crafts look very appealing. They are loved equally by the kids as well as adults. If you are looking for some easy and creative Paper Mache DIY projects, here is the list of 12 amazing ideas. When you wish to keep your kids involved in some creative activity, you can always take help of this list which includes beautiful items to be made by parents and their kids using the Paper Mache technique.

1. Big & Beautiful Moon

Ask your kids to create a beautiful moon using the Paper Mache technique. It will take just a big cardboard as the main item and several other simple things of everyday crafts.

2. Candy Bowl

Your kids will love to have a new candy bowl in their room. So why not let them make one? Let them make, paint and place this amazing bowl of candies.

3. Real-Like Pumpkin

You can also make a lovely real like pumpkin with the help of Paper Mache. It contains a lid also so that the kids can keep their favourite items and close it.

4. Beautiful Nesting Bowls

Particularly inviting the attention of parents; the nesting bowls can be ornate with numerous patterns and can be placed at any place as a display item.

5. Animals for Kids’ Room

Let your kids make animals out of Paper Mache. This will help them decorate their rooms in an all new way.

6. Hot Air Balloon

Though a little time consuming, the hot air balloon will arise interest in most of the kids who will love to put in their favourite toys in the hot air balloon basket.

7. Pastel Pretzels

If you have been enjoying eating pretzels since a long time, it’s now time to create them as a craft item. You can use them anywhere on the walls of your kids’ room.

8. Pencil Decorations

Pencils can be decorated in a lot of ways using the paper Mache technique.

9. Cups for Toy Parties

Kids will love to make tiny cups that will serve the purpose well in toy parties.

10. Beautiful Hanging Lamp

Make a nice lamp hanging from the ceiling using the Paper Mache technique.

11. Cool Looking Alphabets

Let your kids make creative alphabets with paper and glue.

12. Beautiful Flowers

Give shape to your imagination and make flowers of your choice.

Paper Mache crafts are a fun and creative way to spend time with your kids. Thus, try the above ideas today!

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