Creative DIY Projects Using Old Tires

Who says tires can be used only in the vehicles? Well, they can be used inside the home also. All you need to do is use some creative ideas, as given below, and turn these tires into something awesome, useful and comfortable! Just glance through our list of 10 ideas and find out how old tires can be recycled and repurposed to be used in an all new way!

Dog Bed Using Old Tire

Make a cute and comfy dog bed using a big tire. Place the dog’s seat inside it and you are done!



Tire Planter

The hanging tire planters are immediate attention catcher. Prepare one using a big tire and grow climbers and other plants in it.


Tire Table

We bet you will love these tire tables. You just need to cover the tire in a perfect manner so that it doesn’t show up. These tables are easy and light to be carried anywhere.


Sandbox Made With Tire

Ask your kids to get involved in this idea. They will love to make a sandbox with their hands. You make the lid part and let your kids fill the base part with sand. You will not only get a nice sandbox but will also get to spend lovely time with your kids.


Deck Tire Table

Why to buy deck tire tables when you can do it yourself? Well, use this idea to create a stunning deck tire table with a glass top on it.


Tire Flower Pot

Easy to make and great to look, these tire flower pots simply need a bit of creativity and just a few of your minutes. You can make as many flower pots of tires as required by you.


Car Tire Seating

Make these nice looking tire seating and sprinkle beauty in various corners of your home. They can also be placed in the kids’ room for a comfy sitting.


Colorful Garden Made Out of Tires

Who would not love to have this beautiful and colourful tire garden?


Spill-Proof Dog Bowl

Give a spill proof bowl to your dog by making it yourself with the help of a tire.


If these ideas have tickled your creative side, it’s time to collect some tires and get started!