12 Amazing DIY Ideas on How to Recycle Old CDs

by Shokhi Agarwal
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The era of CDs may have elapsed but the magic of these CDs can be revived in an all new way! Giving a totally new purpose to the CDs, the creative DIY projects are the best thing to do with your old CDs. Spending just 5 minutes to these innovative projects will help you create unique things with your year old CDs. Read out and discover 38 beautiful ways on how the old CDs can be recycled into  alluring items.

1. Decorated Jewelry Box

Make your jewelry box as beautiful as your jewels! Paste fragments of CDs all over the box and turn it into a royal and expensive looking jewelry box.

2. Beautified Flower Vase/Plant Holders

Let your plant holders and flower vases shine with shimmer of CDs! All you have to do is to paste CD parts in a creative pattern all over the vase or plant holder.

3. Unique Mosaic Table

Get a unique look for your table top by pasting CD pieces over the top in a mosaic style.

4. Door Decoration

Doors can be turned into beautiful and attractive items. You just need to cover the doors with shiny CD pieces.

5. Unique Coasters

Paste different type of printed craft papers on CDs to turn them into coasters.

6. Stylish Bracelet

Give a new look to your old bracelet by decorating it with CD pieces and get ready for compliments!

7. Photo Frame Decoration

Take pieces of broken CDs and paste them carefully on the photo frame. The lovely look of the photo frame will add even more memories to your photographs!

8. Cap Decoration

Decorate your kid’s cap with pieces of CDs. The shining effect of the CDs is loved by the kids!

9. Creative Lanterns Made Out of CDs

Take 3 CDs and make a lantern with them. You can use one CD as a base and remaining two as the sides of lantern.

10. Amazing CD Curtains

Create holes in CDs with the help of a drilling machine and tie them up with the help of painted wires to make beautiful unique curtains.

11. Mini Bicycles

Let your kids make mini cycles wherein the CDs are used as the wheels. Use these cycles to promote cycling anywhere!

12. Fridge Decor

Paste old CDs on your fridge’s side walls as per your favourite pattern and get a new look for your fridge.

There are so many more ideas you can try to make something unique from waste. We hope the ideas published here you will love.

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