DIY Gardening Ideas Rustic Log Planter

by Shokhi Agarwal
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If gardening is your passion and you love growing beautiful flowers in a creative way, let us tell you that you have landed at the right spot online! Let us tell you that flowers and plants can surely be planted in unique ways. It all depends on your creativity and level of hard work that how innovatively you want to pursue your gardening hobby. Now that being said, it is worthy to mention that you can grow your plants in logs. They simply look breath-taking. Let us take a look at the important steps of DIY gardening ideas for planting flowers and plants inside the logs. Here we go!

Arrange for the Logs

Begin by collecting few logs. It is recommendable that you should use logs that are easy to work with. For example, you can take white pine or other similar logs as they are soft and can be carved and worked into easily in comparison of other logs.

Start Your Work Into the Logs

Take one log at a time and start cutting horizontal as well as vertical lines in the wood. Use the chain saw for this purpose. Also, do not forget to wear gloves for the safety of your hands. In other words, you just have to create space neatly inside the log so that enough space appears in it for growing the plants.

Clean Up the Inner Portion of the Log

Once you have cut the logs in your desirable shape, it is now time to clean up the newly appeared inner section of the log. Use the right tools to take out the tiny pieces of wood from the inner area. You can take the help of a screwdriver, hammer and other suitable tools for this task.

Start Adding the Soil and Other Essentials

Once the log has been cut and cleaned; it is now time to put some good quality soil, fertilizer and sand in it. This will create the base for your plants.

Start with the Planting Session

After following the above step, your log will be ready for the planting session. Take the seeds or saplings and place them inside the soil bed carefully. Put water as required. In a few days when the seeds sprout or the saplings grow, you will be amazed to see the beauty of these beautiful log planters.

Make these log planters for your loved ones also and see how they remember you in a unique way! Here’s a video for you to help with the process.