11 DIY Miniature Fairy Garden Ideas

Home decoration is a continued process wherein most of us keep on thinking about unique ideas on how to add even more beauty to our home. While there are a lot of tips available for interiors of home, there are some significant miniature fairy garden ideas that can take the impression and beauty of your home to the next level! Check 12 such ideas below!

Broken Pot Miniature Fairy Garden

A broken pot can be creatively designed into an enchanting mini garden.

The Whoot

Fairy Garden With Castle

Soy Carmin

Sparkling Stone Miniature Fairy Garden

Few stones and glitter along with a lot of excitement will help you create this sparkling stone fairy garden.

The Little Monster Blog

Mini Garden in a Tea Cup

Tea cups and tea kettles are a great option to make miniature gardens that lock your view!

Life is a Party

Pot With Doors

Creating some doors on the pot will add a bit of more creativity to your lovely fairy garden.

The Whoot

Miniature Garden in a Basket

Take a basket with a handle and grow a mini garden in that. It will not only look beautiful but will also be easy to lift and replace.


Mini Garden in a Wooden Box

A wooden box can be easily turned into a miniature garden by just laying the soil bed and then add up things according to the requirement of your garden.

Midwest Living

Mini Garden in Mini Pot

A tiny pot miniature garden looks even cuter. You can further add other mini pots inside the base pot to get a complete look for your mini garden.


Fairy House Made of Stones

This pretty miniature garden consists of a fairy house made of lovely tiny stones. We bet, you as well your kids will love it.

The Whoot

Beautiful Door Fairy Garden

Creating a simple door in a mini garden will make it look attractive and interesting. Design a door using your own creativity and things.

Blossom Town

Lakeside Cottage Miniature Garden

This one will simply grab your glance! Just create a lake in your mini garden using colored water and marbles. Also, add a cottage nearside to get a unique mini garden.

Enchanting Whims

Miniature fairy gardens look awesome and can be interestingly created along with kids!