How to Make a Face Mask for Almost Free!

by Pushkar Kohli
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Face masks have been common in places with high air pollution, but we never thought that these would become a part and parcel of our attire some day. Yes, year 2020 has brought forward a totally different pandemic altogether that has made the face mask a part of our daily routine and clothing.

As the world is facing shortage of N95 masks that are considered the finest amongst all and are more required by the medical personnel directly involved in fighting COVID-19 pandemic, the civilians can always do away with simpler masks made out of a cotton cloth, a handkerchief, a bandana or something similar. The idea is to prevent bodily air and fluids to get into the environment, which may become source of infection for oneself or someone else.

Today we are going to create a face mask without making use of any sewing machine or needles. It’s simple, easily, quick and very affordable (almost free!). The inspiration of creating this face mask has been taken by Ms. Kristi Olberding of Green Matters. All credits and thanks to her!

Things Needed to Make the Face Mask

As mentioned above, the mask can be made for almost free – it means that you don’t need to go to the market especially to buy the things; there is a high probability you’ll have all the things at home already! Just keep them handy! So, here are the things needed to make the no-sew, no-stitch DIY face mask!

  • A cotton cloth – handkerchief, bandana, or a small square/rectangular fabric would do!
  • Two hairbands or elastic bands – the bands need to be thin, cushioned and comfortable
  • Scissors – Will be required only if the size of cloth is way too big!

Steps to Make the Face Mask

  • Lay the bandana/fabric/cotton cloth flat on the table. Make sure the cloth is not oversized. A standard handkerchief used by males will make a great face mask using this technique. We have used a standard bandana here!
  • Fold the bandana at least three times evening, thereby making four layers of fabric. You may dab it with your favourite fragrance at this stage!
  • Add hairbands/elastic bands to each side of the cloth, leaving about 8-10 inches of space between them!
  • Now tuck the fabric into the opposite sides, like in pockets. Make sure the elastic bands remain at the outer edges of the mask, as shown in the image below!
  • Once done with the above steps, adjust the mask according to your face, making sure it covers your nose and mouth completely. It should always be comfortable.

Hurray! Your DIY stitch-less and FREE face mask is ready! Make sure you wash your hands and follow other COVID-19 related precautions all the time!

Keep crafting!

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