5 Easy-to-Make DIY Dog Toys

by Pushkar Kohli
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Your pet dog is just like your kid and he/she also needs time and toys to play. Well, frankly telling, dog toys can be both very cheap and expensive, depending upon various factors.

Let’s help you make easy toys for your dog that are both inexpensive and interesting. In fact, you can make these toys accumulating things from your home. Nevertheless, you’ll definitely need a set of few tennis balls and some old clothes too, which we assume you already have at hand.

So, let’s make some easy DIY toys for your pet dogs

1. Flirt Pole

As most dogs love to chase, flirt poles can be a great toy, especially for high-drive doggies. A small playful session will provide enough workout for your pawsome buddy!

Here’s how to make one! All you need is a decent-length PVC pipe, a rope and any kind of toy (even an empty bottle would do!). Just make the apparatus as shown in the image below and you are good to go!

2. Rope & Tennis Ball Toy

To make this DIY dog toy, all you need is a piece of rope and a tennis ball. Just cut or drill a hole on each side of the ball and fit the ball onto the centre of the rope. Make sure you tie a few knots to keep the ball in place. You may use a braided fabric for a rope to toughen up the tug, especially if your dog is a hard chewer. The resultant toy should look like somewhat in the photo below!

3. Interactive Tennis Ball Toy

This one is one of the simplest and bound to keep your doggy busy for quite a while. All you need to do is cut open a tennis ball and fill it with dog food; that’s it. Make sure the cut is big/long enough that dog doesn’t hurt his nose and is able to get the treat out of the ball; and it shouldn’t be so small either that dog loses interest in the food seeing it unachievable.

4. Interactive Feeder Toy

This one is a great way to keep dog’s mind occupied. You can make it using a small PVC pipe and cutting equal-sized holes into it (as shown in the image below). Your dog is going to enjoy this curious toy along with the meal!

5. Denim DIY Dog Toy

This one is the simplest and one of the best for hard chewers. All you need to do is tie some knots (or double-knots) to the old jeans that you reckon aren’t in use anymore.

Your dog is going to love this denim toy for sure.

All these toys are easy to make and inexpensive (almost free!). Let us know how you create DIY dog toys for your four-legged mate!

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