10 Original Country House Ideas for Every Gardener

Creating a beautiful garden is easy and interesting. Let us find out how to use easy gardening tips to get a beautiful garden.

Raised Garden Beds

Using cardboard, logs and metal waste, you can create raised garden beds that will not only look good but will also save you from backache.

DIY Circular Wooden Planters

Use the thin wooden plants to create circular planters. Grow flowers or plants as per your choice.

Staircase Garden

The staircase garden is a beautiful and highly efficient choice for those who have their homes on slopes. This staircase garden will simply take your breath away.

Hang the Plant Pots

Why not hang the plant pots? Doing so will not only save the space but will also be beneficial for your back as you will be able to take care of the hanging plants in a much more convenient manner.

Vertical Garden

Vertical garden is very useful when it comes to the heat factor of the house. Planting the flowers or plants in a vertical manner will help absorb the excess heat in your house.

Mulching Method

All you need is mulch mats for this idea. Cover the entire soil surface using these mats. The method of mulching will not only give a beautiful look but will also help in keeping the weeds away as now weeds will grow when mulch mats are there!

Create a Green Arch

Using climbers, create a nice green arch. You just need an arched frame for this method. Try to cover the entire frame with beautiful climbers. 

Create a Cobblestone Walkway

A beautiful garden is not only about flowers and plants. It is also about the beautiful and creative footpaths and walkways. You can create your own walkaways in the garden using simple cobblestones that are easy to walk upon and look great too.

Use Plastic Crates to Create Beautiful Garden Beds

Plastic crates are a brilliant idea to make garden beds. You can use small or big plastic crates to make lovely garden beds. All you need to do is to put a good variety of soil in these crates and your garden bed is ready for plantation. You can even grow vegetables in such garden beds.

Plant Flowers Alongside the Garden Beds

Whenever you have garden beds, do not forget to grow few flowers alongside these beds. The flowers will naturally fill the atmosphere with a refreshing smell and they will also help keep the pests away.

Try these easy and effective ideas to get a lovely looking garden.