The 10 Coolest Decor Ideas Using Ordinary Bottles

Empty bottles are not always meant to be thrown away to the junkyard. Using a bit of creativity and craft skills, you can turn the empty bottles into many useful and beautiful items. Let us find out how the given below 10 ideas will aid in making beautiful crafts and things of décor from the empty and useless-looking bottles.

Turn Bottles Into Lamps

Put fairy lights into bottles, paint the bottles from outside or simply paste marbles on the surface of the empty glass bottles to turn them into beautiful décor lamps.

Turn Bottles Into Flowerpots

Cut plastic bottles into half forming a shape of your favourite animal. Place soil in them. If you wish them, you can also paint them in a color of your choice. 

Make Bird Feeder

Make a useful bird feeder with the help of an inverted bottle.

Make Beautiful Jewelry Stand

Cut the bottoms of few plastic bottles and hold them together using a thin rod or stick. It will serve as a beautiful jewelry stand and will help you keep your jewels organized.

Turn Bottles Into Vases

Wrap the bottles with beautiful soft ropes, wicks, or wool. Add a few dashes of creativity to turn the bottles into adorable vases.

Use Bottles as Gift Wraps

Take two bottom sections of plastic bottles and join them using a zipper. These small boxes have great purposes of storing and organizing. Moreover, they can also be used as gift wraps. Place small items in these wraps and gift to your loved ones!

Turn Bottles Into Mosquito Repellents

You can also turn the useless empty bottles into beautiful lamps that help keep the mosquitoes away. Having these bottles in your garden will not only accentuate the beauty of the place but will keep bugs away too.

Cut Bottles Into Tumblers

You can cut the glass bottles into beautiful tumbles and give them a new purpose and form. However, be very careful and cut the glass in the observation of some expert.

Use Bottles as Picture Frames

If you have wide flat bottles, you can do a beautiful job with them by using them as picture frames. Put your favourite pictures in the bottles to display creatively.

Make Wind Chimes Out of Bottles

Cut various bottles into half and tie them together using an attractive string to form wind chime.

Plastic bottles can be turned into many enchanting décor items. Try the mentioned tips today!